YP Letters: Statement dodges question about music lessons and hits wrong note

From: Alec Benton, Guiseley.

The brass band at Foxhill Primary School where pupils and teachers raise money to pay for music lessons.

IN response to your excellent report (The Yorkshire Post, October 13), I see that in response some anonymous spokesperson in the Department for Education has handed out a ‘statement’ that, as usual, failed to address the question – in this case the decline in music and art in schools.

“Investing ‘nearly’ £500m in music and art education between 2016 and 2020” tells us nothing and, because it is both anonymous and a statement, leaves no opportunity for your correspondent to either verify or question the response.

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This appalling way to run the country is now the norm and it appears there is no longer anyone in Government with the courage to personally deliver answers, with the result that many now automatically dismiss all such anonymous statements from Westminster. In my memory, Tony Blair began the tendency to respond to all questions with a statement rather than an answer, but at least he had the courage to make his own statements.

Regarding music, having had a career in teaching during the time of the much admired West Riding peripatetic music teachers, I believe that music and art need a far broader approach than the fragmented city states foisted on us by the Heath government can provide. The sooner we have a united Yorkshire, the better.