YP Letters: Why are Leeds and Bradford worlds apart?

From: Marilyn Meer, Sutton Court, Bingley.

Harry Kane celebrates England's last gasp winner against Tunisia in the World Cup.

THREE weeks ago my family took me on a shopping trip to Leeds. I am aged 81, and I was stunned as we approached Leeds station to see the size of the city as it is today.

We went round dozens of shops and everywhere was thriving.

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I had read that Bradford would not be having a big screen for the World Cup, but Leeds would be showing the England matches.

This attitude of Bradford Council just illustrates how Bradford has become so run- down.

I remember in the 1950s going into town on a Saturday morning shopping. It was great and I felt proud to be growing up there. Now my heart bleeds to see the state of it and I feel like crying.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

I DON’T object to a game or two of football on TV, but I honestly do not think that everybody 
likes the game enough to have our much-loved regular programmes being moved 
away from their usual slots 
or ditched altogether, just 
so that football can be 
shoved down our throats 
ad nauseam.