Support for West Yorkshire businesses to reach net zero carbon future

Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (the LEP) and the Mayor of West Yorkshire are working towards creating a net zero carbon regional economy by 2038 at the latest – and businesses will play a vital role in this transition.

Find out how your business can become greener, save cash and become more competitive
Find out how your business can become greener, save cash and become more competitive

Through the LEP, small and medium-sized businesses can access a range of free support to adopt cleaner, greener strategies to save money, gain a competitive advantage and become more resilient to economic, social and environmental changes. Learn what steps your business can take today.

Turn waste into a resource

Identifying ways to reuse, repair and recycle materials can help businesses to reduce waste.

Funding available for businesses to invest in energy saving equipment

A local packaging manufacturer accessed consultancy support from the LEP to overcome supply chain disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The business now returns cardboard packaging from its clients directly into its supply chain, reducing the need for raw materials from external suppliers, decreasing waste and cutting costs.

Make your business more energy efficient

Access a free resource efficiency audit from the LEP to identify ways your business can save money, material resources and carbon. Capital grant funding is also available to help your business invest in energy-saving equipment.

Dempsey Dyer in Pontefract is forecast to save over £26,000 per year on energy bills. An audit and grant funding from the LEP helped the manufacturer identify and install energy-saving solutions, including LED lighting and a new heating system that will reduce their carbon emissions by an estimated 81.4 tonnes per year.

Support sustainable business travel

Did you know transport contributes to nearly half of the region’s greenhouse gas emissions? Supporting your employees to leave their cars at home can help reduce congestion, carbon emissions and air pollution.

The LEP works with over 530 organisations in West Yorkshire to encourage and support more employees to commute to work and travel for business by foot, bike, public transport or car share.

Create green jobs for young people

The Mayor of West Yorkshire has pledged to create 1,000 green jobs for people under 30. The Mayoral Green Jobs Gateway launched earlier this year to help connect businesses with young people and develop well paid, skilled jobs that support the UK's net zero emissions target and environmental goals. Register your interest via the LEP website to find out how you can get involved in building a better region for everyone.

If you would like to learn more about the support available to help your business reduce carbon emissions and tackle the climate emergency, visit the website here