Asda and Monaghan Mushrooms partnership means Yorkshire mushrooms for Yorkshire stores

A new partnership between Leeds-based Asda and international mushroom supplier Monaghan Mushrooms will mean that only locally grown Yorkshire mushrooms will hit the shelves of the region’s Asda stores.

Monaghan Mushrooms, founded in 1981, has been supplying mushrooms to Asda stores across the UK for the last 25 years.

The family-run business has 11 farm operations spread out through the UK, Ireland and Holland as well as a network of contract growers.

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Gavin Coventry, farm manager at Monaghan Mushrooms, said: “We are delighted to work in partnership with Asda, providing locally grown mushrooms for the local people of Yorkshire.

“Not everyone realises but all fresh mushrooms are handpicked, every single one.

“Because they are so sensitive, we work to a ‘one touch’ only system during the harvest. This means that the picking of the mushrooms is the first and only time they are touched between the mushroom bed and supermarket shelves.

“This helps ensure the freshest, best quality mushrooms for our customers and what makes a Monaghan Mushroom so special.”

Monaghan Mushrooms supply over 1.4 million kilos of mushrooms every week for Asda stores across the country.