BHP welcomes its largest ever intake of new starters

BHP, the largest independent firm of chartered accountants in Yorkshire, has hired 35 new employees this summer, making it the largest intake ever for the firm.
BHP new starters meet up over zoomBHP new starters meet up over zoom
BHP new starters meet up over zoom

BHP has appointed 20 graduates, 11 trainees and four one-year placements.

Four of the 35 new starters have already started with BHP, whilst the remaining 31 will begin their new roles between September and January.

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Boosting its teams across Sheffield, Leeds, York, Cleckheaton and Chesterfield, the 35 new starters will be joining all departments of the business including tax, finance, corporate finance, audit and financial planning.

Lisa Leighton, joint managing partner at BHP, said: “Despite the challenges that we have faced throughout 2020, we are committed to the future of the firm and we are delighted to be welcoming 35 new starters this year – the largest intake we have ever had.

“By bolstering the teams at BHP with graduates, trainees and placement students, we know that we are increasing our offering to our clients even further with a wide mixture of skills, expertise and personality. We are looking forward to watching our new starters grow into their brand-new roles and prosper here at BHP.”

Louise Allen, head of HR at BHP, added: “At BHP we give our staff members the tools to succeed through training, working and studying. Our new starters will be given the opportunity to thrive as individuals and we are excited to watch them flourish in their new careers.”

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BHP was recently recognised by the Sunday Times in its 100 Best Companies to Work For list for the second year running, ranking number 84 on the 2020 list. BHP said the hard-fought and nationally celebrated list recognises the very best in employee engagement around the country.

BHP has more than 350 staff, including 37 partners at offices in Sheffield, Cleckheaton, Leeds, Chesterfield, and York. It is featured in Accountancy Age’s Top 50 + 50 as a Top 35 firm.

The firm provides audit, assurance, consulting, corporate finance and taxation services.