Booming transport market boosts Tracsis

TRANSPORT software firm ​Tracsis is cashing in on increased demand for transport as more people than ever use UK road and rail systems.

The Leeds-based group announced a 14 per cent jump in annual revenue and said all parts of the ​g​roup performed well ​as transport markets underg​o​ significant growth.

Revenue for the year to July 31 surpassed £25m for the first time.​

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The group’s CEO ​John McArthur​ said: “We solve difficult problems in traffic and transport. That market is growing fast and growth means change and strain and problems.

“Our clients are trying to do more, but how do you do more than last year with less money?”

​Tracsis, which produces software that can prevent train derailments and delays, is also seeing strong demand for its “game changing technology”, which analyses mobile phone data to work out precise vehicle and pedestrian movements.

This is proving far more accurate than predictions based on camera footage and is proving invaluable when local authorities decide whether to invest in a new bridge, extend a road or build a roundabout.

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Tracsis said it is already aligned to operators bidding for the London Overground, South West trains and East Anglia franchises.

“If the operators didn’t have Tracsis, they would need an army of staff. In the past lots of train companies have done it wrong and ended up handing the keys back early - GNER for example,” said Mr McArthur.

The company said underlying pre-tax profit rose 16 per cent to £5.8m.

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