Builders bounce back despite weather

New figures reveal a significant improvement in Yorkshire housebuilding compared to a year ago.

Figures from the National House Building Council show new homes registered between November and January in Yorkshire and the Humber region increased by 54 per cent on a year earlier to 1,304.

But the NHBC said the harsh winter has slowed the sector's recovery.

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Nationally, applications to build new homes were 65 per cent up from a year earlier at 24,315.

This was far short of the 38,459 new home registrations seen between November 2007 and January 2008.

"Optimism is still prevalent across the housebuilding sector, but there is no escaping that the harshness of the weather has held back recovery during January," said Imtiaz Farookhi, chief executive of

the NHBC.

"The sense of recovery is still tangible after what has been the worst year for the industry in a century. We must not let the tough weather conditions distract us from the encouraging signs seen since the autumn.

"In particular, the Government must not lose sight of the need for new, sustainable homes as the General Election campaign gears up during the spring."