CBD: Yorkshire firm HempWell named as one of top ten brands in the UK

Yorkshire-based CBD brand HempWell Ltd have been named one of the top industry brands in the country.

Information released by the Food Standards Agency has detailed all of the CBD products legally allowed to be on sale in the UK with HempWell having emerged as one of the

top ten brands with the most applications included on the list and top four for CBD Isolate submissions.

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A total of 3,536 products were preliminarily approved by FSA as new or “novel” foods, according to the list, released on March 31.

HempWell, based in Yorkshire, is finding success.HempWell, based in Yorkshire, is finding success.
HempWell, based in Yorkshire, is finding success.

This list provides a comprehensive guide to consumers and local authorities of which CBD products are safe and legally approved for use in the UK, this new regulation has been in response to public and industry calls for better clarity into what CBD products are safe and legal after a number of tests revealed ‘CBD products’ on high street shelves in the UK that contained no CBD at all.

HempWell co-founder Phil James said “We had no doubt that our HempWell products were high enough quality to make the list, but we are thrilled to come out as one of the top ten brands allowed to legally sell CBD in the UK.”

HempWell is based at the York Science Park where all of their products are manufactured, the products are made from CBD extracted from hemp they grew themselves in their transparent ‘seed-to-shelf’ business model. They were founded in 2017 and have opened two retail stores in Yorkshire over the last year – one in York and one in Leeds.

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