iPhone: 7 genius features you didn't realise your Apple phone could do - and how to switch them on

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  • Your iPhone has features you didn’t realise it could do.
  • Despite being on market since 2007, you probably didn’t know you could find your Apple device in the dark.
  • iPhones also have a hidden button that completely changes the game.

The iPhone has dominated the smartphone market since its launch nearly 20 years ago. Whether you were an early adopter or have been a much later convert, many of us have owned one of Apple’s phones at one point or another since 2007. 

If you have used your iPhone for years, you probably think you know all there is to know about them. But the devices actually have a number of clever features that many users are totally unaware of. 

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Faris Memon, a tech expert at Vivid Ads, has rounded up seven things you may not realise your iPhone can do. Despite how clever some of these features are, Apple does not exactly advertise them, leaving many iOS users unaware of their existence. 

Let’s take a look: 

Turn the Apple logo into a hidden button

Did you realise that you have the ability to turn the Apple logo on the back of your phone into an extra button. It is by far one of the iPhone's most useful and surprising skills. 

The little-known feature makes life much easier – letting you take a screenshot when you double tap it, change the volume by simply tapping the rear of your handset or launch Shazam when you triple tap it. To turn on the feature go to your Settings, scroll down and tap Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap. You have the choice to turn on Double Tap or Triple Tap.

Click to discover the features you can now control with a double or triple tap on the back of your phone. These include taking screenshots, adjusting the volume, magnifying your display, scrolling through pages, and more.

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The feature is however one that you will be unable to use if you keep your iPhone in a case. But you can always remove the case for a few moments to try it out! 

Find your iPhone in the dark

Have you ever found yourself fumbling around in the dark trying to find your phone? It can be deeply frustrating and annoyingly time-consuming. 

Fortunately, you may not realise it but your iPhone actually has a nifty feature to help you avoid this frustration.  Just say "Hey Siri" and ask it to turn on the flashlight, making it easier to find your device.

Remember, the Siri feature must be enabled beforehand.

Secret keyboard trackpad

Many iPhone users don't realise that their device comes with a trackpad feature, allowing them to navigate through each character in a text without the need to repeatedly tap the display. You can use this feature in any text box, including your Notes app, a search bar, or a text message.

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To activate it, press and hold one finger on the spacebar (the keys will turn blank and the cursor on the screen will enlarge). Then, swipe your finger across the spacebar to move the cursor around the text area.

iPhone features you probably didn't know existediPhone features you probably didn't know existed
iPhone features you probably didn't know existed | H_Ko - stock.adobe.com

Record a soundtrack as you shoot video

There's a great way to enhance your iPhone videos with an epic soundtrack. Simply fire up your favourite music app, like Spotify or Apple Music, and pick the perfect song. With your chosen tune playing in the background, switch to your iPhone's camera app. Make sure it's in photo mode, not video. 

Now, press and hold the shutter button and slide your finger to the right. This will initiate video recording while your music continues to play seamlessly, adding that extra punch to your iPhone masterpiece.

Quickly remove the background from photos

Tap and hold any picture in the Files app, then select Quick Actions > Remove Background. iOS will create a duplicate of your photo without the background, perfect for further editing in another app. This trick works with multiple photos as well.

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Delete one digit on the calculator

Made a typo while entering a number? You may not realise it but there is actually no need to start over!

Simply swipe left or right on the displayed number to remove the last digit entered. This is a convenient way to correct mistakes without having to clear the entire entry and start all over again. 

Turn your iPhone into a white-noise machine

Need a bit of help getting to sleep, you can easily drift off into the land of nod by turning your iPhone into a white-noise machine providing soothing background noise. It can also be used to help you stay focused anywhere, no matter how noisy it is.

To activate this feature, go to Settings, tap Accessibility, and select Audio/Visual. Then, find Background Sounds and toggle it on. Relaxation awaits!

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