Meet the Leeds entrepreneurs behind Sugar Rush Sweeties, one of Yorkshire's biggest online sweet sellers

A year ago, the Leeds-based entrepreneurs Harry Lynch and Tayla Harris, were planning to travel the world, until the pandemic wrecked their dreams.
Harry Lynch and Tayla HarrisHarry Lynch and Tayla Harris
Harry Lynch and Tayla Harris

The business they have grown during lockdown, Sugar Rush Sweeties, has become one of the biggest counter and online sweet sellers in Yorkshire.

The business started in October 2019 when the couple, who were working full-time in banking and teaching, decided they needed to make some extra cash for their travel plans and decided to start selling sweets as a second income.

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Ms Harris said: “I’d seen a company on Instagram delivering pizza boxes of sweets and thought it was a great idea and that no one was doing anything like that up North.

"Harry and I went and bought £100 of sweets, set up an Instagram account and launched Sugar Rush Sweeties. The demand was almost instant, and within weeks we were delivering more than 50 sweetie boxes a week on evenings and weekends. We never dreamed it would be this successful; it was just a way of making extra money to help go towards our travels.”

Mr Lynch said: “As soon as Covid-19 hit the UK, suddenly the demand for both our online and home delivery service went through the roof and we very quickly realised that Sugar Rush Sweeties had become a sustainable business. We started making plans to continue to grow the online side of the business but also open a store where people could buy sweets from.”

By mid-July 2020, they opened their first sweet shop offering more than 50 brands of sweets.

Mr Lynch said: “The ultimate goal is to have a nationwide chain of sweet shops as well as an online presence.”