Yorkshire workers say they are working less hours and being more productive during lockdown

The switch to home working has left employees are working fewer hours and feeling more productive, new research shows, with a large number of people wanting to continue working from home once the public health crisis abates.

Information gathered by professional services giant PwC showed that more than a third of home workers across Yorkshire & Humber say they are working fewer hours than they did before the Covid-19 crisis, increasing to almost three quarters for those living in London.

Seventy one per cent of Yorkshire & Humber employees working from home reported they are more productive when working from home, compared to just 45 per cent in the North West with only those in the South West feeling even more productive.

When thinking ahead to when lockdown restrictions are lifted, 40 per cent of those surveyed would like to continue working from home more than they did before the coronavirus restrictions.

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However, 14 per cent of those surveyed living in Yorkshire never want to work from home again, even though 71% say they are more productive when working from home.

When asked about maintaining relationships with colleagues, almost half who are working from home say they are speaking to colleagues more - however these relationships may not be as rich, as 17 per cent saying it is harder to maintain relationships with colleagues when working from home.

Carol Stubbings, PwC joint global leader, people and organisation, said: “We’ll undoubtedly see more working from home post crisis, but it’ll be about flexible working rather than the enforced situation we’re in now.”

She added: “Cutting out commuting time and workplace distractions undoubtedly saves time but it doesn’t always equate to happiness, and in the long-run this could have a negative impact on productivity and employee satisfaction and wellbeing.”

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