Doncaster-based Civil Rail Solutions adopts in-cab driver technology to hit sustainability and safety targets

Yorkshire-based Civil Rail Solutions is using technology to meet sustainability and driver safety targets which will improve efficiency.

The company, which has an office in Doncaster, has rolled-out technology which is helping its fleet of 60 vans achieve dramatic reductions in fuel use.

A spokesman said: “The technology, motivates drivers to be smoother, and safer with the aid of live in-cab audible and visual alerts.”

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The system includes a smartphone app that shows drivers where they rank in leagues, and provides those achieving “Elite Driver” status with access to weekly prize draws.

Darryl Bartholomew, Transport Manager of Civil Rail ServicesDarryl Bartholomew, Transport Manager of Civil Rail Services
Darryl Bartholomew, Transport Manager of Civil Rail Services

Civil Rail Services (CRS) said it is now on track to cut CO2 emissions by more than 240 tonnes over the next five years, saving the business the equivalent of 54,500 litres of fuel per year.

Commenting on the impact that the system – known as Lightfoot – is having on CRS’s fleet, Darryl Bartholomew, Transport Manager for the business, said: “Lightfoot is known for reducing accidents on the road.

“Lightfoot also delivers major environmental benefits too, reducing emissions and vehicle idling, which we are able to share with customers who require proof of ‘net zero’ protocols in the tendering process. That’s been a game-changer for us, helping CRS to stand out from the competition.”

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Since installing Lightfoot, CRS has seen achieving the percentage of its drivers achieving elite driver status increase from just 3 per cent to 72 per cent.

A spokesman said the move had saved thousands of pounds in fuel alone, even before other related costs, such as vehicle hire, vehicle wear and tear, or vehicle downtime are taken into account.

Paul Hollick, Managing Director of Lightfoot, added: “Every time a driver steps in a Civil Rail Solutions vehicle they have Lightfoot by their side, guiding them to be smoother and safer, and giving them good reason to do so through reward and recognition.”