How Leeds-based CO2 Sustain is helping soft drinks keep their fizz in South America

A Yorkshire-based business that helps soft drinks manufacturers maintain their fizz for longer is expanding to meet demand from Latin and South America.

Luis Robles, business development specialist at CO2 Sustain LTD
Luis Robles, business development specialist at CO2 Sustain LTD

Based in Horsforth, near Leeds, CO2 Sustain LTD, has almost trebled output to Latin America over the past three years.

Throughout the region, the business has access to 15 countries including Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, and Uruguay through an ongoing partnership with Brenntag.

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From its manufacturing base in Leeds, CO2 Sustain LTD’s team of chemists created a carbonation aid to increase the carbon dioxide content and extend the carbonation shelf life of soft drinks.

Luis Robles, business development specialist at CO2 Sustain LTD commented: “The Latin American market represents a huge growth opportunity for us where there is constant demand for our product and expertise.

"The last 12 months have seen six-figure investment in our equipment, technology and personnel to meet this. It is a key market for us as a business because four out of the top 10 countries in terms of per capita consumption of carbonated beverages are in the region - Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay - with Mexico and Brazil among the countries with the highest consumption in terms of volume in the world.”

"Throughout the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, we have continued to help our customers, some of whom remain in strict lockdown, to achieve crucial additional operational savings.”