How Yorkshire-based HeadRest is unlocking the secret to a perfect night's sleep

HeadRest aims to revolutionise the way we sleep.  Picture: Tim Zoltie
HeadRest aims to revolutionise the way we sleep. Picture: Tim Zoltie
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IT’s a question that has taxed the finest minds since the dawn of time.

How do you get a good night’s sleep? In an attempt to find an answer, a fast-growing firm has established a dedicated sleep lab and research centre in Yorkshire. Based in the newly built £40m Nexus technology hub at Leeds University, the HeadRest sleep lab has hired some of the most respected sleep scientists in the world.
You can use HeadRest’s technology to track your sleep. The technology then provides you with tips about how to sleep soundly.
HeadRest will be launching a new voice-controlled smart sleep solution with removable eye-mask this autumn that measures brainwave frequencies, head movement, heart rate and blood oxygenation to provide “clinical-grade” sleep tracking. Using patent-pending technology, unique algorithms and AI, HeadRest creates your optimal pre-sleep routine, which could include listening to your favourite music, reading a book or taking exercise.
HeadRest then reads real-time data as you sleep to play almost inaudible bursts of noise through comfortable micro-speakers sitting just over the ear, which optimises the duration, depth and quality of sleep.
HeadRest then optimises the type of sleep you need and reduces the chance it’s disturbed. It even wakes you at the optimum point of your sleep cycle so you wake feeling refreshed.
Alyn Morgan, HeadRest’s co-founder, said that a crowdfunding campaign in October aims to pre-sell up to 6,000 units at a discounted rate.
He added: “The company has already grown from two to five full-time members of staff, and aims to double in size in the next six months.”
HeadRest was founded by Thought Beanie; which specialises in developing wearable technology.