Northern bosses remain '˜highly confident' despite Brexit uncertainty

BOSSES at Northern businesses are highly confident about the future despite the uncertainty of Brexit, according to a report by the international law firm CMS

According to a report on the sentiment of leading businesses across the North of England, more than 89 per cent of businesses surveyed said that they are positive about the growth prospects for the Northern Powerhouse.

The report Corporate North, which has been released today, surveyed more than 150 business leaders from across the North about their view on the state of the  North of England’s economy.

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The report found that 78.6 per cent of the surveyed businesses are “fairly or strongly positive” about their growth prospects for the next year, with two thirds planning to recruit new staff in the next six months. Just 6.1 per cent felt negative about their company’s prospects.

Jake Berry MP

A spokesman said: “Northern business leaders cited the ‘magnetism’ of the region’s cities and towns as an important factor in determining their location. 60 per cent of business leaders said they would not move to another location, with a further 35 per cent saying they would only go elsewhere within the North. Only 5 per cent said they would leave the region.”

“The business leaders also offered a series of recommendations that they feel are vital to help drive growth of the Northern economy faster and further.”

They called for the development of the Northern Powerhouse Rail project, as well as improved connections within cities.

Jake Berry MP, the Northern Powerhouse Minister, said: “This report shows that there is strong and widespread support from the business community across the North of England to turn the Northern Powerhouse vision into a reality.”