Shop which sells vintage clothing by the kilo opens its first store in Leeds

A company that sells vintage clothing by the kilo is opening its first bricks and mortar store in Leeds city centre.

Shop Kilo, which launched its buy-by-weight events 14 years ago and attracts crowds of up to 1,500 people per day, will open its flagship store in the Merrion Centre.

Everything in the Merrion Centre pop-up store will be sustainably sourced, with the new venue giving Shop Kilo the opportunity to tap into the student demographic in Leeds with the ever-expanding student accommodation directly on their doorstep.

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Judy Berger, a fashion stylist and former Selfridges personal shopper who founded the business in 2008, said she is seeing a massive influx of new customers who want to shop affordable, sustainable vintage clothing.

Shop Kilo is opening its first store in the Merrion Centre Leeds.Shop Kilo is opening its first store in the Merrion Centre Leeds.
Shop Kilo is opening its first store in the Merrion Centre Leeds.

"We are Leeds born and bred and we knew that to set down roots, we need to set our flagship up in our home town," she said. "The Merrion Centre staff share our vision of sustainable retail and we are both working together to create a shopping environment that doesn’t damage the planet. Circular retail is the future of shopping and Shop Kilo is perfect for guilt free shopping.”

Esme Briggs, graduate asset manager for Town Centre Securities (TCS), owners of the Merrion Centre, said: “More and more consumers have become ‘greener’ in their shopping choices, and so the launch of Shop Kilo is a perfect fit. The brand will benefit hugely from the massive influx of student accommodation around the centre; a demographic that continuously looks for more environmentally friendly shops that offer affordable products.

“Shop Kilo is set to join a host of shops at the Merrion Centre which are passionate about reducing waste, recycling and reusing items to support more sustainable living, including a raft of pre-loved outlets such as British Heart Foundation, Leeds Hospitals Charity shop and St Gemma’s. Other retailers including Natural Born Cobblers, the Watch Hospital and many of our tech operators all support in repairing much loved items to reduce landfill.”

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Shop Kilo is looking for people of all ages and sizes to come along and audition to become one of its ‘live window models’. Chosen winners will become ‘live-in models’ at the new store.

Auditions will take place on the main mall at the Merrion Centre on Friday, March 4 between 11am-3pm. To register your interest please visit Shop Kilo’s social media channels.

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