Six more US utility firms back Xeros technology

Six US utility firms have agreed to offer customers financial incentives to use Xeros’ commercial laundry systems, it has been announced.

The Rotherham-based firm’s machines use polymer beads to clean clothes using a fraction of the water of traditional laundry.

Xeros, which is based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park, already has a growing presence in the US, with customers including hotels, commercial and industrial laundries, dry cleaners, spas and fitness centres.

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Columbia Gas of Massachusetts, Connecticut Natural Gas, PG&E, Questar Gas, Southwest Gas, and Xcel Energy will now offer inducements to customers for using the technology.

The National Grid and Liberty Utilities previously backed the systems.

The eight organisations offer a combined total of more than $275,000 (£178,200) in customer incentives for using the company’s technology.

The incentives are part of the Federal Energy Management Program’s Energy Incentive Program, which rewards users of cleaning technologies.

Xeros’ machines are proven to reduce natural gas usage by up to 100 per cent and water consumption by up to 80 per cent compared to conventional machines.

The also use half as much detergent and helps clothes look and feel newer for longer, Xeros said.

Xeros chief executive officer Bill Westwater said: “Traditional commercial laundry machines use a tremendous amount of energy to heat a large quantity of water.

“US utility companies are seeking proactive strategies that help them and their customers save energy, reduce environmental impact and control costs.

“Our systems provide proven financial savings and energy conservation, as evidenced by the tremendous growth in the Xeros Utility Incentive Program, positive response from customers and accelerating adoption rate.”