Straight buys niche water saving company

RECYCLING group Straight has bought niche innovator Tapmagic, a company that makes water saving tap inserts.

Leeds-based Straight originally bought 30 per cent of Tapmagic three years ago for 35,000 and has now bought the other 70 per cent for 92,000 in cash.

Straight said the acquisition would significantly enhance its offering to utility clients, most of which are giving out free water saving equipment such as tap inserts to customers.

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The range is also gaining acceptance with a number of retailers and Straight hopes to sell Tapmagic to existing garden and hardware customers.

Jonathan Straight, chief executive of Straight, said: "Whilst Tapmagic may be a relatively small investment for the group, its dual flow concept is uniquely attractive and differentiates the product from other water saving devices.

"The quality of product from Tapmagic complements Straight's current product line and we are very pleased to welcome this new addition to the company."

Tapmagic's devices convert the flow of water into a spray, reducing the flow from a standard tap outlet to 2 litres per minute in the low flow mode.

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Unlike similar water saving devices, it also allows the user to get a full flow of water when the tap is turned on further.

Southern Water has independently run tests demonstrating a 52 per cent water saving in their offices when using Tapmagic.