Support emerging talent, or risk losing it all together - Claire Pryke

With GCSE and A-level grades higher than ever, lockdown learning appears to have been a success few would have predicted. However, new research from the Chartered Institute of Marketing reveals the majority of Gen Zers (16-24 year-olds) from the North West and Yorkshire & Humber feel they have missed out on vital education.

One in seven young people in the UK believe their development has suffered from learning disruptions. Picture: AdobeStock

The survey of young people in the UK shows one in seven believe their development has suffered from learning disruptions, and that number increases for learners in the North. Nearly one in five of those surveyed from the North West and Yorkshire feel very strongly that their education has suffered.

This figure is higher than any other region surveyed, and more than double that of the South West. Additionally, more of those surveyed from the North West and Yorkshire feel less confident in their abilities than in London, the South East and the South West respectively.

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These stats indicate a strength-ening of the North/South divide during lockdown and suggest this age group – which has experienced huge university disruptions – is particularly anxious about entering the job market.

As a result, those surveyed are keen to gain the necessary credentials and experience to put them ahead of their peers and, despite many funding their own training, 72 per cent would expect their employers to invest in training opportunities to compensate for the loss of skills.

The need for employers to reassess training programmes is further emphasised by the findings of this survey, which shows an emerging confidence gap amongst young people coming out of education.

More than a third of students say they feel less confident in their existing skills and abilities than they did before the pandemic.

For Gen Zers, marketing is a popular career choice with nearly half of all 16-24 year-olds considering it to be a top career choice, and that figure rises even higher in the North West and Yorkshire & Humber regions to 69 per cent and 63 per cent respectively.

With a lot of competition for a limited number of entry level jobs we are increasingly seeing students undertake extra training and unpaid internships to stand out from the crowd and secure even an entry level role.

These opportunities play a vital role not only in building competence, but confidence, an important skill within work and beyond. In order to attract the best talent, employers should offer structured on-the-job training.

Whilst it’s possible to develop your own training programme, it can be quicker and more effective to opt for highly-respected CIM qualifications. Recognised internationally, CIM qualifications are delivered by established industry practitioners focused on building confidence, developing skills, and advancing careers.

With 67 per cent of sought-after marketing employers saying they plan to hire in 2021, the expectation on marketing businesses is clear – support emerging talent, or risk losing it all together.

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