The Humber can take its rightful place at the cutting edge of the UK's future - Boris Johnson

The Humber has long been writ large in our nation’s industrial and maritime history, a trading hub and gateway to the world since the Middle Ages.

Now, with today’s news, Humberside can take its rightful place at the cutting edge of the UK’s future.

It’s a future filled with thousands of good, skilled, well-paid jobs for the people of East Yorkshire and north Lincolnshire, and clean, carbon-free heat and light for all our children and grandchildren.

And it’s a future made possible by the twin commitments at the heart of everything this government does: building back better and levelling up our country, and driving down our emissions.

The Prime Minister believes the investment into the Humber will spell a bright future for the North

Some still maintain that pursuing one of these goals must necessarily mean letting go of the other, that industry and environment can never be contented bedfellows. But today’s announcement proves once again that no such trade-off exists.

Because the £75 million we are spending to upgrade the Able Marine Energy Park will not only create 3,000 jobs and unlock a vast amount of future investment – it will also take us one step closer to the goal I set last year of quadrupling the UK’s offshore wind capacity by 2030, harnessing enough of this limitless resource to power every house in the UK.

The improved facilities will help new and existing businesses to build, install and maintain the mighty turbines of the Hornsea One offshore wind farm, the largest the world has ever seen. As it silently whirrs away just over the horizon, it will create energy for millions of British homes and prosperity for countless Humberside families.

So today’s announcement is more than just a cheque for £75 million. It’s an investment in our planet, and an investment in your community – one that will pay dividends for all of us for generations to come.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson.