Ticket sales for Yorkshire nightlife boom, data reveals

Tens of thousands of people across Yorkshire have been buying tickets to events in anticipation of covid-19 restrictions potentially lifting on June 21, digital events and ticketing platform FIXR said.

Ticket sales have surged by 648 per cent in Yorkshire for the 30 days following June 21 compared to the same period in 2019, new data shows.

Event listings across the county are up 143 per cent on FIXR’s platform for the first 30 days following June 21, compared to the same period in 2019 (the nearest comparable period before the Covid-19 pandemic), with the majority of new events being nightclubbing and sports events mainly in Leeds.

At the same time, ticket sales have surged by 648 per cent in Yorkshire for the same period, revealing that demand is massively outstripping supply, especially within the night-time economy.

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A similar pattern has emerged across England, with listings up 90 per cent and ticket sales up 560 per cent over the same period. The statistics come as the UK government continues to work towards its Covid-19 unlocking roadmap.

FIXR recently partnered with the UK’s largest nightclub operator, REKOM UK, with a white label advance ticketing service.

The move means REKOM UK event attendees, such as those planning to attend Pryzm in Leeds, will be able to buy their tickets, either through REKOM UK venue websites or through FIXR’s website and app.

Edmund Glover, chief executive of FIXR, said: “Our figures point towards huge pent-up demand from consumers – considerably outstripping supply – and heralding an exciting recovery for the country’s £60bn night-time economy."