TUI Travel increases carbon target

TUI Travel said it has raised its carbon reduction target after its airlines hit an initial goal to cut carbon dioxide usage by 6 per cent two years early.


The world’s largest tour operator said it now aims to reduce CO2 usage across its carriers by 9 per cent in the six years to 2014.

TUI Travel said it had achieved its previous target after the success of fuel conservation activities, capacity amendments and airline enhancements, which helped it cut $25m of extra costs last year.

TUI Travel wants its airlines to become Europe’s most fuel-efficient and plans to trial sustainable biofuel on some flights and recycle cabin waste generated on-board half of its airlines’ flights this year.

As well as Thomson Airways, the group also operates airlines in Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and across the Nordic countries.

Earlier this summer, TUI Travel received its first Boeing Dreamliner aircraft, which is forecast to emit 20 per cent less CO2 per passenger than comparable aircraft today.