Why The Big Issue has co-founded The Big Exchange, an investment platform which aims to improve society

A platform has been co-founded by the social investment business The Big Issue to support projects which have a positive impact on society and the environment.

The Big Exchange has welcomed J.P. Morgan Asset Management as a fund management partner.

The Big Exchange, which is an inclusive financial services platform, has appointed J.P. Morgan Asset Management as a fund management partner.

Launched eight months ago, the platform offers a range of independently rated social and environmental funds direct to a retail audience.

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Co-founded by The Big Issue and 13 asset management partners, The Big Exchange has won the backing of numerous industry heavyweights and has previously raised £8.2m to support its mission.

A spokesman said: “The partnership demonstrates J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s joint commitment with The Big Exchange’s mission to promote sustainability, inclusivity and fairness in finance and signifies the growing tide of demand within the investment industry to provide trusted sustainable and impact products to retail investors.

“From the start of 2021, impact investment funds have grown 270 per cent topping £7.1bn, with one in three consumers since the start of the pandemic, ranking sustainability within their top three buying criteria.

The spokesman added: “Since its launch in October 2020, The Big Exchange has already attracted a Best Buy Sustainable ISA rating from Boring Money, the money and investment advice website, and is growing its customer base on average by 150 per cent month on month.

“It is also attracting a diverse audience with a significant number of female, first-time and younger investors joining their movement.”

J.P. Morgan Asset Management joins a growing group of institutional investors and sustainable fund partners. The JPM Emerging Markets Sustainable Equity Fund will be added as one of the 46 funds available on the platform from 15 asset managers.

Jill Jackson, the CEO of The Big Exchange said: “The investment industry has an urgent and vital role to play in addressing the global challenges that are facing our planet and society.

“We’re delighted to welcome J.P. Morgan Asset Management to partner with us and add to the choice for UK customers seeking access to independently rated sustainable and impact funds that work towards positive outcomes for society and the environment as well as aiming to help people achieve their investment objectives.”

Campbell Fleming, the chairman of The Big Exchange, added: “Since our launch last October, The Big Exchange is going from strength to strength, pioneering the way towards a financial system that is fair, sustainable and inclusive.

“We’re delighted that this partnership with J.P Morgan Asset Management represents the industry’s commitment to our mission of making money count for more, with financial products and services that contribute positively to people and the planet.”

Massimo Greco, head of EMEA Funds at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, said “We’re proud to be partnering with The Big Exchange, who, like ourselves, have put sustainable investing considerations at the heart of their proposition.

“We’re delighted that one of our sustainable funds, JPM Emerging Markets Sustainable Equity Fund, has been selected to join this innovative platform – a fund built on a long-established strategy, which offers investors access to sustainable leaders across emerging markets.

“We’re looking forward to building on and being part of The Big Exchange’s mission to both increase financial inclusion in the UK and have a positive impact.”

In a statement, Big Exchange, said it was open to anyone seeking investments that benefit people’s lives and the planet “without necessarily sacrificing potential financial returns”.