The Xeros technology that could drastically reduce microfibre pollution from washing machines

Water saving technology firm Xeros’ patent for a microfibre filtration in domestic washing machines has been published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Mark Nichols, chief executive of Xeros.

The device is trademarked XFiltra and its design can be licenced by any domestic washing machine manufacturer to reduce microfibre pollution from the washing of clothes.

Mark Nichols, CEO of Xeros, said: “As part of our objective to radically improve the sustainability of water intensive industries, we made a commitment in 2017 to the UN Ocean Conference that we would produce a solution to the issue of microplastic pollution from domestic laundry. XFiltra fulfils that commitment.

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“XFiltra is a low-cost solution to one of today’s most pressing environmental issues: plastic pollution. XFiltra captures up to 99 per cent of all microplastic particles shed from clothing during a domestic laundry cycle.

“Solving the issue of microplastic particles entering the environment from the clothes will require action at many points of the supply chain including washing machines.

“We are now engaged in meaningful discussions with washing machine manufacturers, retailers and clothing brands regarding XFiltra - this represents a giant step towards reducing the largest source of primary microplastic pollution in the ocean.”

Washing clothes containing synthetic fibres such as polyester and nylon has been identified as the single biggest source of primary microplastics released into the oceans every year with as many as 700,000 microfibres released into the environment from a single domestic wash cycle.