York-based cyber firm wins first European contract

York-based security software firm DOQEX has won its its first export contract to a customer in Europe.

The deal with the lighting manufacturer Opple in Eindhoven in Holland marks the first of several deals DOQEX has lined up in the Netherlands and Belgium.

DOQEX is the technology behind the secure email and secure data services used by City of York Council, EMIS PLC and Benenden Healthcare.

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Director Nick Case said: “We are delighted that our secure document exchange and secure email technology is now helping customers in other countries. It’s been a lot of work and a lot conversations with potential customers and partners”.

“Following support from the Dept for International Trade and 6 months spent building partnerships and identifying market opportunities we now have two terrific teams in place; one based in the PSV Stadium in Eindhoven and another in Antwerp in Belgium. Many people in York and Leeds won’t have heard of us but they probably have received an email from DOQEX or used a webservice built using DOQEX.

“Our first customers in York were City of York Council and Benenden; their support and confidence to select a local supplier was crucial in our early days and a wonderful testament to the highly skilled technical work we do in York.

“We compete with much larger companies like Microsoft and McAfee and provide a quality of service and product capabilities that our competitors find impossible to deliver.

“When it comes to data security, trust is everything and at DOQEX we work hard to ensure that York has a place on the European map for high quality technology that our customers and their customer have confidence in.”

DOQEX plans involve recruiting more partners who can use secure data and email technology for their customers.