YP Letters: Minimum price for alcohol is not the answer

How should the consumption of alcohol be controlled?How should the consumption of alcohol be controlled?
How should the consumption of alcohol be controlled?
From: Coun Tim Mickleburgh (Lab), Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby.

I SEE that the question of a minimum unit price for alcohol is on the agenda. Though I agree that steps should be taken, I do not agree with this approach.

To begin with, it discriminates against the poorer sensible drinkers who might like an occasional bottle of Lambrusco with their meal.

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What’s more, you will still have the issues caused by late night revellers at pubs and clubs as it is only shop-bought alcohol that is ever priced so cheaply.

One reason that is relatively inexpensive is that it has a lower alcohol component than its counterpart, wines for instance being of 7.5 per cent alcohol compared with perhaps an average of 12 per cent.

So if there aren’t these cheaper wines on offer, won’t people purchase automatically the stronger stuff, and thus be consuming more alcohol in the process?

I feel that the best two measures to deal with alcohol abuse would be to stop its general sale in supermarkets, and limit the amount any individual could buy in one go.

And, do we really need all day (and night) drinking?