These Yorkshire Dales businesses have teamed up to run experience days and retreats with alpacas at their heart

Four Dales businesses have partnered together to run alpaca trekking experiences with a difference.

Visitors will be able to take part in craft sessions using alpaca wool and enjoy picnics, retreats and even paddleboarding alongside conventional alpaca walks.

Semerwater Alpaca Ambles' Jackie Masterman will work with the Dales Countryside Museum, Emma's Dale Retreats and Alfresco Adventures to offer the quirky combined activity programmes.

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Jackie acquired her six alpacas in March 2019 and is currently training them near Semerwater, the natural lake in the heart of All Creatures Great and Small Country which will act as a focal point and 'pit stop' for the paddling 'pacas once they begin interacting with people.

Jackie Masterman and her alpacas paddling in Semerwater

The farmer describes her alpaca treks as 'personal and no-frills' and the routes will be shaped by the farming calendar in Raydaleside.

"With Covid restrictions I haven’t yet had a full season, so the experience is still new and it will evolve over time. The last lockdowns have not really affected us as the weather has not been suitable to amble. Now the weather is improving I will use the remainder of the current lockdown to take the alpacas on training walks to the lake.

"It is difficult to explain how the alpacas make you feel as they are a bit different to any other animal. They certainly make me smile with their different characters and mischievous behaviour.

"It's very important for local businesses to work together, so for 2021 I have teamed up with the Dales Countryside Museum. We are planning some experiences where we are offering a traditional craft with a different twist. Half of the day will be spent ambling with the alpacas and the other half making a felt picture using the fibre from the alpacas

Her six alpacas are currently being trained

"I have also teamed up with Emma's Dale Retreats and Alfresco Adventures to combine a day retreat of trying something new, meeting new people and eating tasty food. We have two sessions, one ambling with the alpacas and then paddleboarding with Alfresco Adventures, with a welcome drink and a picnic."

The alpaca walks will take place in beautiful Dales countryside