School Holidays in Leeds 2021/22: When are the upcoming holidays in Leeds and when do students go back to school

Students in a classroom. (Pic credit: Danny Lawson / PA)Students in a classroom. (Pic credit: Danny Lawson / PA)
Students in a classroom. (Pic credit: Danny Lawson / PA)
It’s that time of year again when ‘back to school’ signs are plastered all over the shops.

After months of soaking up the sun during the summer holidays, kids are going back to school, so here is everything you need to know about the upcoming holidays for the 2021/22 academic year.

When do students start school?

According to Leeds City Council, schools will commence on Monday, September 6, and the last day before October half term is Friday, October 22.

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Whilst your local council generally sets these dates, it is worth checking on the government website, where you can type in your postcode here.

What are the term dates for Autumn holiday?

October half term starts on Monday, October 25, and ends on Friday, October 29. School begins again on Monday, November 1.

Again, it is worth checking the government website to be sure your child’s school doesn’t break up on a different date.

What about the Christmas holidays?

The autumn school period runs until December 17 and the Christmas holidays begin on Monday, December 20, just five days before Christmas day.

Schools in Leeds will reopen on Tuesday, January 4, 2022.

Spring half term 2022

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The Spring half term holidays will start on Monday, February 21, and will end on Friday, February 25.

Finally the Easter holidays will run from Monday, April 4, to Monday, April 18, and schools will resume on Tuesday, April 19.