Are E-Cigs good for your health?

Researchers are studying the effect e-cigarettes have on people's health and they need volunteers. Catherine Scott reports


Sheffield Hallam University is looking for people who want to stop smoking to help them in a new research project.

The study funded by Heart Research UK aims to look at theeffect iof e-cigaraettes on the veins and heart of smokers.

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Cigarette smoke contains more than 9000 chemicals, the vast majority of which are released by tobacco combustion.

E-cigarettes: help or harm?

Many people believe that it is the nicotine that causes the greatest harm. But in reality, it is other chemicals, heavy metals and small particles that have a major negative effect on health.

“E-cigarettes or vaping devices use a battery to disperse a solution that usually contains propylene glycol or glycerine, water, flavouring and nicotine.” explains Dr Gareth Jones.

“They have been embraced by the British public (2.8 million users in 2016) and are the most frequently used means of “quitting smoking” aid amongst those who want to quit smoking (39.5 per cent).

“However, e-cigarettes are not without risks and research exploring the effects of e-cigarettes is limited, as little is known about their effects on the heart and veins or their medium- and longer-term cardiovascular disease risk.”

E-cigarettes: help or harm?

He explained that the purpose of this study is to explore the effects that e-cigarettes and Nicotine Replacement Therapy will have on the veins and the heart of smokers.

Volunteers will be randomly allocated into one of three groups. The first is a nicotine rich e-Cigarette group, who apart from an e-cigarette and supplies will also receive support from smoking cessation officers.

The second is a nicotine-free e-cigarette group, in which again will receive an e-cigarette, supplies and support from smoking cessation officers.

The third group will be referred to Sheffield stop smoking services, being reimbursed -by our study - for your stop smoking prescriptions.

Volunteers will be required for a maximum of six months.

All participants in the e-cigarettes’ groups will receive complimentary e-cigarettes starter kits and refills for a 3-month period.

NHS prescription costs for the prescribed Nicotine Replacement Therapy supplies, for that group will be reimbursed.

Smoking is the leading, preventable death-cause worldwide, being responsible for almost 100,000 deaths in the UK a year.

If you are interested in getting involved in the study, contact Dr Gareth Jones on 0114 225 4312 or email at: [email protected] for further information.

Finally, visit ( if you would like to read more about the study.