“It’s the ultimate empathy test” - Yorkshire Post readers have their say on mask wearing after July 19

With Boris Johnson announcing yesterday that legal requirements to wear face masks are due to be scrapped in a fortnight, Yorkshire Post readers have been having their say on whether they will continue to wear one.

The legal requirement to wear face masks will be lifted in England on “freedom day” – expected on July 19 – although guidance will suggest people might still choose to do so in crowded places.

Hundreds of Yorkshire Post readers gave their views on the decision on Facebook yesterday, with the vast majority saying they intended to continue wearing one at least some of the time.

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Here is a selection of what people had to say when asked if they will continue to wear a mask after July 19...

Denise Garrett-West: Yes. I have had a transplant and take immunosuppressants so despite having both vaccinations I may have very little, if any, protection. Those of us in my situation have been advised to continue being very cautious.

Carole Precious: With people who have been vaccinated still testing positive, I shall carry on wearing mask and gloves until there are no new variants/cases/deaths.

Karen Russell: No unless it is a large indoor shopping centre. We can’t spend our lives in fear.

Vivien Martin: Most definitely, Leukaemia patient with faulty immune system here.

People wearing face masks among crowds of pedestrians in Covent Garden, London. Picture: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Nina Oaken: I would hate to think I had inadvertently passed it on to someone vulnerable. Why should vulnerable people be forced back into anxiety isolation because others won’t wear masks?

Christine Cheetham: Yes - and if supermarkets ditch the requirement to wear them I’ll go back to online only.

Susan Millwood: No I won’t continue to wear a mask. I will use common sense in all situations and if others wish to continue with the practice, I will respect their choice.

Dawn Humphrey: Yes definitely. As a carer I wouldn’t risk our residents.

Rich Ward: Of course. The evidence, for example, of airborne asymptomatic spread, is overwhelming. A mask is a minor inconvenience for most wearers and has a demonstrably positive impact.

Stuart Clennett: It’s the ultimate empathy test. I’ll be avoiding/unfriending people who don’t wear a mask indoors.

Helen Stockton: Yes. They are worn to protect others and reduce transmission. Removing the rules on masks in confined public spaces is, in my opinion, extremely reckless.

Jill Marsh: Yes, I am double vaccinated but will wear a mask on public transport and when shopping.

Kathryn McFarlane: If it means doctors and nurses get through waiting lists and cancer patients, etc, get their treatment because staff can stay in their own department rather than being deployed to Covid wards then I’ll absolutely wear a mask.

Jan Selby. Yes after my daughter and family have been really poorly with the virus for the last few weeks, they have had their jabs too.

Shaun Middleton. Probably not, definitely not all the time but I would respect those who choose to as I would expect those to respect my choices.

Stuart Mather. No. But I respect / accept if other people want to continue. Personally I can’t wait to throw the masks away.

Margaret Verity. Definitely. I shielded for a year and will continue for as long as I deem its necessary!

Ian Bickerdike. Not worn one from day one, nothing changed at all… just got on with it.

Christian I'Anson. I will not be wearing one. It’s absolutely right that this be a personal choice.

Claire Denton. Yes, I will follow the science, not the social media ‘experts’.

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