Thousands sign our petition to allow pharmacies to deliver Covid vaccine

All UK adults will be offered their first Covid vaccine by September, Dominic Raab has said (Photo: Shutterstock)
All UK adults will be offered their first Covid vaccine by September, Dominic Raab has said (Photo: Shutterstock)

Titles across JPI Media have called for local pharmacies to play a role in delivery of the vaccine - and thousands have signed the petition.

With their experience, expertise and trust in local communities, local pharmacies are the ideal candidate for the vaccine roll-out.

JPI Media's 'Shot In The Arm' campaign calls for everyone to have the ability to get a jab within 10 minutes of their home by using our great pharmacy network.

The campaign is running across JPI Media’s largest titles - including The Yorkshire Post, The Star and The Sunderland Echo - with an accompanying petition. 

Over 75,000 people have now signed our petition - and counting.

These are some of the reasons why readers believe that getting vaccinations into local pharmacies is the right move for roll-out. 

'It makes sense to use these facilities'

“Nearly everyone lives close to a pharmacy”, says Beverley Yeoman Glover. “They are more regularly used than hospitals or other medical centres, including GP surgeries. 

“It makes sense to use these facilities when they are already being used to dispense flu vaccines, prescriptions, over-the-counter medication and they even house methadone clinics in some cases.”

“I am 79 years old and feel they are not moving fast enough to get the shots done”, said Lesley Fuller.

Isabella Smart, who signed the petition this week, questioned why, if it’s possible to get a flu jab in “your local Asda” that coronavirus vaccines shouldn’t be available in a similar capacity.

“We are encouraged to seek advice about ailments from a pharmacist before making an appointment with a GP, to lighten their load.

“Throughout this pandemic we've been told more than once that "we're in this together", so let's live up to that and do what's needed to get us back to being together”.

Andrew Morgan signed, questioning why “the government snubs the independent pharmacies who want to provide the Covid vaccine”, adding that getting the jabs to independent pharmacies would help the government “achieve their targets much quicker and less lives would be lost”.

Some signatories indicated that they would in fact prefer to get vaccinated at a local pharmacy rather than a large purpose-built centre. 

“I would rather get mine at my local pharmacy,” wrote Lynne Smith.

Carol Moorehouse, meanwhile, pointed out that local delivery in pharmacies would “make sense” for “people who don’t have [access to] transport”. 

Sign the petition to add your voice to the campaign

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