Yorkshire's vaccination centres praised but concerns for region's rural residents grow

Recipients of the first dose of the covid vaccine in Yorkshire have praised the service, but there are concerns that some of the region’s rural residents may have to travel miles for their vaccination.

An NHS map seen by The Yorkshire Post has shown that currently the only vaccination centre operating in the Yorkshire Dales is in Leyburn.

The government target is for everyone to be within a 45-minute drive of their nearest vaccination centre.

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They have confirmed that mobile vaccination units will be used for a small number of the population who live in rural areas.

Yorkshire's residents have praised the vaccination service across the region

But there is no confirmation yet whether any areas of Yorkshire will be served by the units.

Seven new major NHS vaccination centres came into operation on Monday, but Leeds United’s Elland Road stadium was not among them.

The NHS have not confirmed when the stadium will deliver its first vaccinations.

Meanwhile, some of the region’s residents who have recieved the first dose of the vaccine have praised the service.

Caroline Comer-Stone, 67, who is an ordinand priest-in-training from Sherburn-in-Elmet, had the first dose of the vaccine over the weekend in Tadcaster, near York.

She had been working as a marshall at the vaccination centre and was offered the injection as a front-line volunteer.

Mrs Comer-Stone said: “My reaction to being offered the vaccine was extraordinary. I burst into tears and was told by the nurse that that was quite a normal reaction.

“It took about a minute and the staff were all amazing. It was incredibly well-organised.

“I had the vaccine and then sat for fifteen minutes where I was monitored. I had no adverse effects at all.”

Front-line staff at some of Yorkshire’s hospitals have also had their first dose. Francesca Plows, a 28-year-old midwife who works in Bradford, was offered the Pfizer injection.

She said: “There was about five minutes notice. We were approached on the ward at the end of the day and asked if we wanted to go have the vaccine.

“It was a massive operation, with lots of different stations. Every station had its own nurse who prepared the vaccine, and they were really good.

“It’s a massive relief to have had the vaccine.

“When I can, I’ll feel more relaxed about seeing my mum and dad as I will be much less risk.”

And 81-year-old Whitby resident John Cusson was also impressed with the service.

He had his first dose of the vaccine at Whitby Spa, and is now awaiting his second injection, which will be administered in April.

Mr Cusson, a retired fisherman and hotelier, said: “I was very pleased.

“There was a row of six pods for the vaccination, and I was asked a few health questions.

“The injection was absolutely painless. The beauty of it was there was no queue to start with. I walked straight through.

“The whole thing was brilliantly organised.”