Dragon's Den star helps one-armed Leeds man fulfil lifelong ambition

A LEEDS man who lost an arm in a freak motorbike accident 37-years ago is set to ride again '“ thanks to Dragon's Den star Touker Suleyman.

Steven Robinson was an 18-year-old motocross rider when his right arm was torn of by another biker’s foot peg during a collision.

He hadn’t ridden a bike since, but has always been on the lookout for a way of getting back in the saddle.

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Mr Robinson, 55, of Chapel Allerton, spotted a fully-jointed wooden arm on a clothes display dummy in Suleyman’s Hawes and Curtis clothing store at Meadowhall in Sheffield in September.

Steven Robinson (right) with Touker Suleyman.

He asked the store manager if he could get hold of one of the arms.

The manager telephoned Touker Suleyman, who agreed to give Steven a hand – and an arm.

Mr Robinson, said: “As soon as I spotted the arm my inventor brain started to create a prosthetic arm that could help me fulfil one of my lifelong dreams - to ride a motorbike once again.”

He has never worn a permanent prosthetic arm, but did invent a special one to enable him to earn his private flying licence and becoming the UK’s first one-armed pilot.

Now he intends to get back biking and has bought an off-road Montesa Cota 349 motorbike.

Mr Robinson, who works as a motivational speaker, said: “I converted the throttle to left handed and invented an electro magnet grip to hold my prosthetic to the handle bar.”

Touker Suleyman, Hawes and Curtis chief executive officer, said: “The gentleman loved the design of our mannequins’ prosthetic arms, so we ordered one for him from our supplier.

“We are thrilled to be able to help him and his lifestyle.”