Huddersfield Hospital welcomes £900k mobile scanner

The Huddersfield Hospital, part of Circle Health Group, has welcomed a new specialist mobile CT scanner to boost its imaging and diagnostic capabilities. The arrival of the Revolution EVO 1 has been heralded as a game changer for patients and doctors alike. Not only will imaging results be ready in as little as 48 hours, but urgent referrals can be seen in seven days, drastically reducing local waiting times.

Launching on Monday 18th March, the Revolution EVO 1 is one of the world’s leading CT scanners and amongst the first to arrive in the UK. Produced by GE Healthcare, the technology is designed with the patient in mind. Not only does it shorten the amount of time a patient is required to spend in the scanner, but the results produced are fully digitalised. Doctors and specialist clinicians will be able to receive a full and detailed picture of a patient’s condition in hours. Thus, the speed in which a patient can be diagnosed and placed on the appropriate treatment pathway is vastly improved.

With demand for diagnostics at an all-time high, the arrival of the new scanner represents a significant investment from the hospital in its bid to cut waiting times for patients. In some areas waits are in excess of thirteen weeks. The new scanner will play an instrumental role in shorten waiting times across West Yorkshire.

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Patients accessing the mobile scanner will also have the opportunity to have their scan on the same day as their clinic appointment. Moreover, should further tests or referrals be needed, patients can book immediately following their scan. Structuring the service in this way affords the patient greater flexibility and helps them to make informed decisions about their health at each stage of the diagnosis and treatment process.

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On hand to open the scanner were players from Huddersfield Giants Rugby League team. First team players were able to see first-hand the opportunity the new scanner represents. Last year the club entered into a partnership with the hospital, with players and staff from the Super League side benefitting from services offered by the hospital.

The mobile CT will be available on Tuesdays at the hospital, with the potential for more availability throughout the year.

Commenting on the new CT Scanner, Gareth Hobson, Executive Director of The Huddersfield Hospital, said:

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“Keeping pace with the needs of our patients is of paramount importance to us at The Huddersfield Hospital. We are delighted to introduce CT scanning services in addition to existing suite of imaging and diagnostic services. I’d like to thank Gemma Khan who has worked tirelessly to ensure that the service is implemented as seamlessly as possible.”

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