“I was given antidepressants at 16, now I am helping others change their lives,” says former Club 18-30 rep

Noor Hibbert was just 16 when she was prescribed anti-depressants.

Noor Hibbert Picture s6photography
Noor Hibbert Picture s6photography

“I’d been through a lot. I’d split up my boyfriend who blamed me when he tried to take his own life, my parents had got divorced, I was being bullied and I never really felt that I fitted in,” explains Noor, who is now a successful life coach whose second book is out later this month.

“I started to self-harm and thought ‘I don’t want to be around anymore, this is too hard’. I went to the doctor who said I was depressed and gave me Prozac. I took them for a few months but then I got really scared. I just couldn’t understand why I felt the way I did.”

Even when she was studying psychology at Cardiff University she knew something wasn’t right, but she made up for it with drink and drugs.

Noor Hibbert runs her online coaching business from her home in Rotherham Picture Liezel Volschenk

“I became a party girl,” she says. “That was the persona I took on but deep down I was always a bit lost. Going out and getting smashed was a way to overcome that.”

In the summer holidays she got a job as a holiday rep for Club 18-30 in Ibiza.

“It was supposed to be just a holiday job but I kept going back and in the end it started to be more like a career.

“I worked there for six years and became resort manager,” says Noor, who met her husband on the holiday island.

Former Club 18-30 rep Noor HIbbert Picture:Liezel Volschenk

“Richard was one of my guests in Ibiza. But when I found out I was pregnant, aged 26, I realised I had to get a job in the UK,” says Noor. “But it was super difficult to find work because no one 
was going to hire a pregnant woman.”

She did find a job in sales but hated it. “I would come home from work crying all the time, but I couldn’t leave because I wouldn’t have any money.”

She married bricklayer Richard and moved to his home town of Rotherham. When she went on maternity leave, she dabbled in several different businesses from home as she was determined that she wanted to be with her newborn daughter.

“It was a turning point in my life,” she says. “I made a vow to myself that I’d never work for anybody ever again. Unfortunately none of my businesses became a success because I just wasn’t in the right mindset so I had to go back to that job, very reluctantly.”

Noor says her experience with anxiety as a teenager helps her become a better life coach picture:Liezel Volschenk

When she was 31 weeks’ pregnant with her second daughter, Noor ended up in hospital and was told she was going into early labour.

“I was crying my eyes out in my hospital bed and I told my baby ‘if you stay in me, I promise I will leave my job’.”

The day after she left hospital she quit her job with no maternity pay, but a determination to make a success.

She set up an Amazon business selling her own range of beard products.

Noor with her three daughters. She is expecting a son in February Picture:Liezel Volschenk

“I invested £2,500 in a course which told me how to launch an Amazon business and £1,000 in the first batch of products. That was all personal savings, from working at Club 18-30,” she recalls. “I sold just over £100,000 in the first year.

“Then I realised I didn’t want to sell products.”

She’d already trained as a life coach and realised that was where her future lay.

Richard quit bricklaying and took over the Amazon company, and Noor launched her own coaching business.

“I’d always wanted to do something which helped people – I’d looked at becoming a teacher, social worker, counsellor, psychologist, but none of them felt like they were right for me.”

She took a postgraduate degree in business and executive coaching and saw a Facebook advert for a course about how to become an online coach.

“Within the first month of my business I made £10,000 coaching clients. I invested in Facebook ads and built a tribe of 2,000 people, who watched my videos online, and got my first six clients that month. The joy is I can be talking to people in 15 different countries.

“As women we get told we have to choose between career and motherhood and I wasn’t willing to believe that was the case.

“My first goal was to make an extra £500-a-month. At the time, my husband was earning £1,200-a-month, that’s what we were living on.

“We couldn’t live a luxury lifestyle on that but I wouldn’t have to go back to work, we could survive and be comfortable.

“Then I realised I didn’t just want to be comfortable.”

And she has now made more than £1m helping people to be happier and more fulfilled, and giving herself the freedom she craved.

In her first book, Just F***ing Do It, Noor, a mother of three with a fourth on the way, showed readers how to turn their lives around by changing the way they think – and show them that’s what she did. She has also launched the JFDI Academy.

Her second book, You Only Live Once, goes deeper by examining not just how to improve your life through positive thinking, but how to direct your positivity in the most consequential direction – towards the life you want to 

“I was so unhappy and anxious because I thought I wanted what society said I wanted but that was so wrong,” says Noor.

“There are so many people with mental health issues at the moment because they are striving for something that just won’t make them happy. I wanted to be a mum and help other people and that’s what I am doing.

Noor has Layla-Rose, nine, Safia-Lily, six, Amira-Jasmine, three, and is expecting a son in February.

“My children come first. Making money doesn’t make you happy, it is about being true to yourself and having freedom.”

You Only Live Once:Find Your Purpose. Make Life Count by Noor Hibbert is published on Thursday, October 28, £14.99.