Leeds launch for beauty, wellness and health innovation adored by celebs

Tanning salon, The Tanning Shop, is rolling out two new cutting-edge treatments in Leeds ahead of a national rollout, marking the beginning of the brand’s transition to its new Tanning Shop X identity.

Alongside London and Manchester, the Leeds store at 4 The Headrowwill become the first national chain offering full-body red light therapy and cryotherapy bed treatments which launched in May.

The Tanning Shop X’s new red light therapy (RLT) bed treatment helps to turbo-charge overall health, wellbeing and wellness. It does this by supporting and enhancing cellular function.

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A RLT bed treatment harnesses the power of red and near-infrared light to stimulate the body’s cells' mitochondria, which are often referred to as cellular powerhouses. This stimulation increases ATP production, the cell's primary energy source, fuelling essential cellular functions and enhancing their performance. This can contribute to a rejuvenated appearance, stimulated collagen production, and a reduction of inflammation in the body1.

The Red Light therapy bedThe Red Light therapy bed
The Red Light therapy bed

Non-invasive and lasting between 10-15 minutes, this treatment has grown in popularity as a beauty regime enhancer, with celebrities such as Emma Stone, Kelly Rowland and Kourtney Kardashian praising its effects. RLT helps to target fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and improve more serious skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema2. RLT can also help with1:

· Improving the healing of scars and wounds

· Improving muscle recovery

· Decreasing joint pain

Benefits of ‘cold’: Zerobody Cryo Bed

Forget the discomfort of ice baths and having to get wet. Tanning Shop X is revolutionising wellness by making cryotherapy accessible to everyone with the introduction of its Zerobody Cryo bed, the first in the UK. This innovative three-to-five-minute treatment, previously reserved for high-end spas and celebrities such Daniel Craig and Christian Ronaldo, uses the ‘power of cold’ to deliver a range of impressive benefits.

The Zerobody Cryo bed boasts patented water membrane technology that combines the benefits of cryotherapy with floatation therapy, helping to reduce muscle soreness and improve recovery3.

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Beyond the physical benefits, cryotherapy also acts as a natural pain reliever and helps to reduce stress levels4.

Cold therapy treatment can also help with3:

· Ease of muscle and joint pain

· Inflammation reduction

· Improved overall wellbeing

Adam Mooney, Chairman at The Tanning Shop X said: “The launch of these two new services marks a new era for the Tanning Shop. We’re making a groundbreaking shift in the wellness and skincare industry in the UK, bringing existing and new customers innovative services that until now, were the reserve of rich and the famous.”

To book a red light therapy or cryotherapy at Tanning X Leeds click here.


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