Made In Chelsea's Josh Patterson running 76 marathons in 76 days for Samaritans - including legs in Ripon, York, Hull, Doncaster, Sheffield, Wakefield, Leeds and Bradford

Finishing a marathon is a major achievement for anyone. For Josh Patterson, it’s currently in his daily routine. The 33-year-old is known to the public for his appearances on television hit Made In Chelsea, but has also been open about mental health issues, and he is now making his way through 76 marathons in 76 cities in 76 days to raise awareness and funds for the suicide prevention charity Samaritans.

During his week-long Yorkshire leg from March 19 to 26, Josh has just completed marathons in Ripon, York, Hull, Doncaster, Sheffield, Wakefield, Leeds and Bradford.

He says: “There are a lot of people in the UK who are struggling right now and financially, you know, there's a lot of people that are very vulnerable too, and I think everyone is entitled, or should be entitled to support.”

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When it has come to his own issues with mental health he has been “very lucky to be in a position where I've been able to afford and reach out to individuals to help me overcome that”, and feels that others not benefiting from such support is “unimaginable”.

Josh PattersonJosh Patterson
Josh Patterson

His challenge – called Run 41M because he is aiming to raise £1million – started in Inverness in Scotland on February 27 and ends in the City of Westminster on May 13. He is hoping that that £1million would fund 200,000 life saving phone calls

Josh has been assisted by his friend Chris Taylor, who helped put together the routes and is by his side during the marathons, which are about 26 miles long and begin each day at 9am.

“There’s definitely days where physically and mentally the body isn’t totally in a great place but it’s all to be expected when you do this sort of challenge, it was never going to be easy,” says Josh. “I think the best thing about this experience is that I've got an amazing team of specialists and friends and family around me that when you face those darker days, they help support you to get through it.

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"But the whole experience just been incredibly humbling. It's been a huge education. We are trying to raise money to help as many people as possible and I think, actually, being able to go to a lot of these cities and meeting a lot these individuals and hearing a lot about their cities through themselves, you can understand why certain areas might be more affected than others. For me, I can kind of come away from this and see how I can positively impact those areas in the future.”

Josh Patterson runs in the countryside during one of his marathons.Josh Patterson runs in the countryside during one of his marathons.
Josh Patterson runs in the countryside during one of his marathons.

It covers all four nations of the United Kingdom, and Josh has been joined by other runners in the different locations.

Ripon was somewhere that he had never heard of but found himself “intrigued by it” and was looking forward to the Yorkshire leg.

On his journey – during which he faced the recent snow storms – he has been joined by runners including police officers, doctors, nurses, midwives and a prison officer, to name a few.

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He has also been keeping supporters updated on his movements and sharing how he feels on social media with reels about his activities.

Made In Chelsea's Josh Patterson.Made In Chelsea's Josh Patterson.
Made In Chelsea's Josh Patterson.

“They document the day, and I think it's a very honest portrayal of how I feel each day. There are some days where I'm happy and you know, just feeling great about what happens and then some days, like yesterday, where you see me in a really negative headspace.”

He says: "I’m someone who’s lived with mental illness most of his life,” adding “it's something that I've come to terms with now, it doesn't control me and that’s what compels me to go on and do these challenges”.

Josh appeared on the Made in Chelsea in 2015 alongside friends James Dunmore and Elliot Cross.

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He previously opened up about his experiences with anxiety and depression.

Previous challanges include doing the Berlin Marathon and John O’Groats to Land’s End by wheelchair. He was inspired by his friend Ben Tansley, who in 2017 was involved in a motorcycle accident which left him paralysed from the waist down after visiting Josh to meet his daughter India when she was first born.

Completing the Berlin marathon with Ben, they raised more than £12,000 for the Spinal Injury Association.

Anyone can contact the Samaritans for free at any time by calling 116 123.