Made to measure reclining chairs and adjustable beds

Stiff and painful joints? Poor circulation? Enjoy better health and quality of life with a rise and recline chair or adjustable bed.

“Putting your feet up is a way to reduce swelling and improve blood flow back to the heart”

Whether you want to put your feet up at the end of a long day or you need a rise and recline chair for medical reasons, they’re fast becoming all the rage in households around the UK. Why?

“Putting your feet up takes pressure off your veins,” explains Dr Rob Hicks GP and popular media doctor. “It is a way to reduce swelling and improve blood flow back to the heart.”

The technology is better than ever (think heated seats, luxurious massage options, even USB points incorporated within the arms). Rise and recline chairs have had a style makeover in recent years, with a wide array of fabrics and upholsteries to choose from.

“Key benefits of elevating the legs include less swelling, enhanced healing, improved mobility… better quality of life,” highlights Dr Rob Hicks.

Recline into comfort at the touch of a button, at the touch of another elevate your feet to the exact position that feels fantastic. And when ready to stand, it couldn’t be easier as the chair gently tilts forward to help you to your feet.

To get the most from a rise and recline chair, it is best to have one made to fit your exact height, weight and needs. Different back styles suit different people (and sitting rooms!) and the same goes for the chair’s arms and feet.

If space is at a premium, go for a wall-hugger. If weight is an issue – no problem – many models can welcome the curviest of people.

The Mobility Furniture Company has nine collections of rise and recline chairs with matching settees and sofa beds. Friendly experienced representatives take samples to people’s homes so they can check out the options. Or they can be bought direct over the phone.

What are the benefits of a rise and recline chair?

“Key benefits of elevating the legs include less swelling, enhanced healing, improved mobility… better quality of life,” highlights Dr Rob Hicks.

Improve health issues such as poor circulation, aching joints and pressure sores, when elevating the legs is important.

Maintain independence because you don’t have to ask for help to sit or stand… the rise and recline chair does it for you.

Promote sleep as having a comfortable rise and recline chair to enjoy on evenings when sleep eludes us increases the likelihood of drifting off. Plus, if a little relaxation is needed during the day, they are wonderful for a catnap.

And speaking of sleep, the next generation of adjustable beds is finally available and is something to dream about.

How do adjustable beds work?

Sometimes called a rise and fall bed, the body of an adjustable bed moves at the touch of a button to a position that is ideal comfort-wise for sleeping or resting.

Adjustable beds come as single, dual or double. “Double” means one double mattress that is operated as one unit. “Dual” means two mattresses side by side, which can be operated independently, allowing two people to continue sharing the same bed space whilst enjoying different resting positions.

To get the best out of your adjustable bed, go for bespoke, which means the bed’s height, width and length are made to fit you exactly.

Some people opt for an adjustable bed simply because they want to be super-comfortable reading or watching TV on lazy mornings. Others need them for medical issues.

Adjustable beds have three core benefits:

Improve sleep thanks to the wide variety of sleeping positions that can be achieved.

Enhance health and comfort because raising the legs at the touch of a button is great for people with poor circulation, who are often told to sleep with their legs slightly raised. And for those who may need longer periods of time in bed, an adjustable bed facilitates comfort as the person or carer can adjust the bed’s positions throughout the day and night.

Maintain independence as an adjustable bed makes it easier for a person with back pain, arthritis or reduced mobility to get in and out of bed unaided.

“A wide-reaching review of the evidence concluded that a medium-firm mattress that is ‘self-adjusted is optimal for promoting sleep comfort, quality, and spinal alignment’,” Dr Rob Hicks explained.

The Mobility Furniture Company has six collections of adjustable beds in over 400 fabrics. That’s a lot of lovely adjustable beds to choose from. Our friendly staff are on-hand to answer any questions, send brochures and bring samples to customer homes.

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