Monkeypox warning in Yorkshire: county has the second fastest spreading outbreak of the disease in England

Yorkshire has the second fastest spreading outbreak of monkeypox in England during the last four days, according to health stats just released.

Analysis published by the UK's Health Security Agency show that only the West Midlands has a more prolific outbreak of the disease during the past week.

Latest figures show 2,432 cases of the highly contagious disease which can leave those infected with painful scabs and sores all over their bodies. The disease is not normally deadly, however pregnant women, young children and the immunosuppressed are particularly vulnerable to the worst effects of the disease.

Yorkshire and The Humber has 42 confirmed cases of monkeypox - up from 35 the previous week giving a perecntage increase of 20 per cent. The West Midlands has 68 confirmed cases of the disease, up from 52; a percentage increase of 30.8 per cent.

Monkeypox symptoms to look out for:

+ high temperature

+ headache

+ muscle aches

Whilst the numbers remain relatively small at the moment, the spread of monleypox is causing health specialist some concern. Getty

+ backache

+ swollen glands

+ chills

+ exhaustion

How do you catch monkeypox?

+ sexual contact with an infected person

+ touching items like clothing, bedding or towels used by an infected person

+ touching monkeypox spots or scabs

+ a person with a monkeypox rash who coughs or sneezes near you

How do you treat monkeypox?

Monkeypox is treated in specialist hospitals by expert doctors in the disease. Patient priority is often relief from the discomfort caused by the lesions. Monkeypox infection is usually a self-limiting illness and most people recover within several weeks. If you are worried, contact your GP.