NHS 'diagnostic hub' to open in Barnsley's new Glass Works shopping centre to ease pressure on GPs

An NHS diagnostic hub is set to open in a Barnsley shopping centre in a bid to reduce waiting times for healthcare.

The hub will offer scans, tests, and checks, to speed up waiting times in an easy to access location.

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Funding has been secured to open the first hub in the Glass Works, although no date has yet been confirmed. It is hoped that the hub will ease pressures on GPs.

The Glass WorksThe Glass Works
The Glass Works
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Julia Burrows, director of public health in Barnsley said that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a “very real impact” on health services in the borough.

A statement from Barnsley Integrated Care Partnership added that GPs are “recruiting more staff in a range of roles providing additional support to people with ongoing, or long-term, conditions”, including physiotherapists to assess, diagnose, treat, and manage muscle or joint problems.

The statement added: “Many GP practices are working differently by offering an initial assessment when you contact them.

“This helps them make sure they can get you to the right member of the team. They are also able to offer telephone appointments for those who want them, which frees up more time for those who need a face-to-face appointment.

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“Our community services will continue to provide invaluable support to residents to recover in familiar settings such as at home close to family and friends. It is important people do not stay in hospital any longer than they need to.”