Abandoned servants' quarters at Wentworth Woodhouse to appear in new Netflix series The Irregulars

The old servants' quarters at Wentworth Woodhouse - which had lain derelict for years - have come back to life as the set for a new Netflix period drama.

Wentworth Woodhouse
Wentworth Woodhouse

The rooms where the Earl of Fitzwilliam's household staff carried out their daily tasks will feature in The Irregulars, a series about a group of London street children who are recruited by Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson and help them solve crimes. The eight episodes will be released on March 26.

The cast and crew visited the Grade I-listed stately home near Rotherham for a shoot that started in autumn 2019 and finished just weeks before the Covid-19 pandemic began in February 2020.

Set designers worked with a number of small rooms and courtyards that have yet to be seen by the public or restored by the Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust, who bought the house and gardens in 2017.

The Irregulars cast in one of the courtyards used for filming

The area would have been a 'hub' for the servants in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries.

The old Slaughter House and Back Yard were turned into an inn called The Duck and Quiver, and the production team even uncovered the original cobbles during filming.

Inside the house itself, the Green Dining Room - notorious for its arsenic-tinged wallpaper - stood in for character Prince Leopold's bedroom.

The Trust's chief executive Sarah McLeod said: “The ground in front of the Slaughter House was covered with a very un-Victorian layer of Tarmac, so the location team did us a great favour and removed it, revealing the original cobbles.

“We were thrilled to host the world's leading streaming entertainment service and hope they return if there’s a second season.

“Filming is a very important source of income for the Trust. We will be glued to The Irregulars. It’s always exciting when we have film crews with us, but even more so when we finally get to see the production on screen.”

The house and grounds have appeared in other productions, including the feature film adaptation of Downton Abbey and BBC period drama Gentleman Jack.

Other location shoots for The Irregulars took place in Liverpool, Manchester, Chester and north Wales.