Fears new 15m-high 5G mast could obstruct village's view of York Minster

A new 15 metre-high telecoms mast is set to be built in a village near York – but parish councillors fear it will obstruct views of York Minster.

Hutchinson UK – which runs mobile network Three – has applied for permission to put the mast up in Millfield Lane in Nether Poppleton close to the entrance to Poppleton Junior Football Club.

City of York Council’s planning team recommends the plans be approved.

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But Nether Poppleton Parish Council is unhappy with the mast, saying: “The parish council is aware that the open aspect of the Green Belt in this area of Poppleton affords wonderful views of the Minster and as such gives further protection to the Green Belt status of the area.

Nether Poppleton's views of the Minster could be obstructed by the mast
Nether Poppleton's views of the Minster could be obstructed by the mast

“This is not in keeping with the street scene of the area and is considered to be excessively intrusive in height.

“Further, in the York Business Park there is a height restriction on all buildings of 4 metres so that the open views of the Minster from Poppleton are not broken.”

Ward councillor Anne Hook has also objected to the mast. She says it is in Green Belt land and that when the nearby football club applied for permission to build a wind turbine to generate electricity for their clubhouse they were told that nothing taller than a street light would be appropriate.

The height of the mast has been reduced from 20m in the original plans to 15m. Three equipment cabinets would also be installed.

Council planning officers say: “The new telecommunications mast and cabinets to facilitate 5G technology is considered to be of an appropriate scale and design, due to its slimline design and finish, and would not detrimentally harm the visual amenity of the area or the special historic character of York.

“It is not considered that the mast would harm local views afforded of the Minster or adversely affect the setting of the village or the historic character of the city and its skyline.

“Given its slimline design, and its finish, it is not considered to be so harmful to visual amenity to justify the refusal of its siting and design.

“Given its siting, there would be no direct overlooking to the mast and cabinets from any neighbouring property, and it would not impede pedestrian, cyclists or vehicle traffic.”

The plans are set to be approved on Thursday (Jul 8).