RAF Red Arrows for sale: Two retired display aircraft stored on Yorkshire Dales farm ahead of auction where anyone can bid for them

A Yorkshire haulage company is storing two retired RAF Red Arrows aircraft on a farm in the Dales ahead of them being sold at public auction.

Metcalfe Farms Haulage Ltd transported the two airframes in the aerobatic display team’s famous colours from RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire to Leyburn via the A1(M) last week – with Yorkshire Post photographer James Hardisty capturing them passing Bramham under escort.

The aircraft are now available for viewings at the Leyburn site, and will be sold at auction by Agility on Friday February 3.

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The company said: “We had the pleasure of moving two retired Red Arrows from RAF Scampton, which has been the home of the Red Arrows since 1983, which makes them one of the longest-resident flying units in the station's history. We have moved them back to our own base camp at Washfold Farm for temporary storage until they are purchased by their new owners. This could be you!”

The replica Hawk jet arrives at LeyburnThe replica Hawk jet arrives at Leyburn
The replica Hawk jet arrives at Leyburn

RAF Scampton – the famous World War Two base of the Dambusters squadron – closed in 2022 and the Red Arrows have remained in Lincolnshire, moving to RAF Waddington last autumn.

However, one of the two aircraft never actually flew. Red Arrows XX227 was built as a replica Hawk jet to be used at recruitment events. It has so far attracted 41 bids, the highest £9,400, as of Saturday morning.

The airframe does still have a cockpit with instruments and a ground power supply for lights.

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The other is a Folland Gnat – not the model used by the squadron, whose current aircraft are all BAE Hawks. It flew from RAF Valley in Wales in the 1960s, but was retired in 1975 after a heavy landing. and then became a ‘gate guard’ mascot. It was repainted in Red Arrows livery and was placed at the RAF Brampton and Kemble gatehouses in the 1970s.

The Hawk and Gnat in Red Arrows colours at Metcalfe's premises in LeyburnThe Hawk and Gnat in Red Arrows colours at Metcalfe's premises in Leyburn
The Hawk and Gnat in Red Arrows colours at Metcalfe's premises in Leyburn

From 1976, the aircraft has moved with the Red Arrows and was at RAF Scampton until 2022, ending up as part of the station’s heritage collection in one of the hangars.

The frame does not have an engine.

Anyone wishing to view the planes should contact contact [email protected] to arrange. Metcalfe can provide delivery for a fee.