The Three Tuns: Owners of historic 'haunted' Yorkshire pub give update on venue's future following period of closure

The owners of a historic Yorkshire pub – which has been serving customers for hundreds of years and is allegedly haunted – have given reassurances over the venue’s future following a short period of closure.

The Three Tuns, in Sheffield city centre, is believed to have been serving punters since the 1700s.

A number of people have taken to social media in recent weeks to express their concerns over the future of the Silver Street venue after noticing it has closed.

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However, the pub’s owners – Star Pubs & Bars – have now revealed the closure was only temporary and the place is due to re-open later this month.

The Three Tuns.The Three Tuns.
The Three Tuns.

The business is now looking for new landlors to take over at the pub, who they hope will be able to carry out a refurbishment.

A spokesperson said: “The Three Tuns will be reopening in a couple of weeks. It has been operating under a temporary management agreement and closed for a changeover of managers.

"Our plans are to find permanent licensees with whom to do a refurbishment of this popular community local.

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Inside the Three Tuns.Inside the Three Tuns.
Inside the Three Tuns.
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"Anyone interested, can find more information at: or call our recruitment team on 08085 949596.”

In November last year, the then landlord shared a picture claiming to show evidence that the venue was haunted.

Speaking last year, the then landlord James Scott said he was having a quiet drink in the bar during lockdown one when he took a photograph of a pint. When looking at the picture a little later, he noticed what he believes to be the reflection of a ghost in the top left of the pint glass.

He said: "I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and how clear it is, too.”

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South Yorkshire ghost hunters subsequently visited to examine the three storey premises, and told James there are a number of roaming the pub including a mother and daughter, both of whom are called ‘Gail’.

They said the spooky pair normally avoid the bar area, identified Gail junior as the spirit reflected in the pint glass and suggested she had ventured into the bar out of curiosity.