Yorkshire news quiz: How much do you know about this week’s headlines?

Test your Yorkshire news knowledge.

The Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express steams over the Ribblehead Viaduct on the Settle Carlisle line. Picture by Bruce Rollinson.

As we come to the end of another week in Yorkshire, find out how much you know about what’s gone on around the region during the past seven days.

Scroll down to see the answers, and good luck!

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1. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Manor Farm this week, but what activity did they undertake during their time there?

a) They milked a cow

b) They drove a tractor

c) They took a hay bale ride

d) They sampled some British beef

e) They planted a tree

2. Contractors preparing former agricultural land at Lawrence House Farm made a surprising historic find this week. What did they find?

a) A Roman villa

b) Tudor-era weaponry

c) A medieval farmhouse

d) An unexploded WWII bomb

e) A chest full of coins dating from the reign of William the Conqueror

3. An unusual animal was born on Cannon Hall Farm this week. What was it?

a) A zebra

b) A chimpanzee

c) A llama

d) A reindeer

e) An ostrich

4. A hoard of Roman treasures unearthed in Ryedale are to be put up for auction. Which emperor's bust was found?

a) Marcus Aurelius

b) Hadrian

c) Lucius Verus

d) Caligula

e) Nero

5. Friday marked the 20th anniversary of a public figure's visit to Leeds. Who was it?

a) George H. W. Bush

b) Pope John Paul II

c) The Queen Mother

d) The Dalai Lama

e) Nelson Mandela

6. A derelict Georgian Tower in the Dales (known colloquially as Polly Peachum's Tower) is to be restored. What will it be transformed into?

a) An entertainment venue hosting shooting lunches

b) An art gallery hosting landscape art classes

c) A Dales museum hosting Georgian experience days

d) An activity centre hosting wilderness training courses

e) A library hosting seminars with authors connected to Yorkshire

*Scroll down for answers*


1) B - They drove a tractor 2) D - A reindeer3) C - A medieval farmhouse 4) A - Marcus Aurelius

5) E - Nelson Mandela

6) A - An entertainment venue hosting shooting lunches