Yorkshire’s scariest ghost and vampire tours to visit this Halloween according to TripAdvisor - from haunted Haworth to a Dracula tour

Take a chilling tour of the Bronte sisters’ hometown in Haworth or a spine-tingling walk around Whitby, a village that inspired the legendary tale of Dracula.

Explore the Yorkshire cities and villages to get the full Halloween experience, whether that’s a tour of haunted Haworth, walking in Dracula’s footsteps through Whitby or learning all about York’s supernatural past.

Halloween is on its way, so we have put together TripAdvisor’s top rated ghost and vampire tours in Yorkshire.

The Bloody Tour of York

Whitby Abbey illuminated. (Pic credit: Richard Ponter)

With nearly 2,000 years of gruesome history, this event will take you on a personal tour of York’s most infamous venues along with your guide Mad Alice and pass by famous attractions including the Shambles market and Jorvik Viking Centre. It was a Tourism Award winner in 2020 at the Travellers’ Choice Awards 2021.

TripAdvisor has given the tour a five star rating with 1,162 reviews.

Whitby Dracula Society Walk

The 75-minute ghost walk is led by Dr Crank who will be revealing tales of the Screaming Tunnel, Dracula’s Bench, the Dutchman’s House, the Burning Girl, the Headless Horseman, the Hand of Glory, the Whitby Witches, the Barguest Hound, the Grey Lady and the Haunted Lighthouse.

The village of Whitby inspired the book Dracula by Bram Stoker, which went on to become a movie. The author discovered the name Dracula in a book at a public library while he was holidaying in Whitby.

The tour was rated four and a half stars on TripAdvisor with 27 reviews.

Haunted Haworth

Take a trip through the hometown of the Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne and discover the scarier side of where they lived.

You will be guided by a local ghostologist and student of folklore, Adam Sargant of Haunted Haworth, who will tell you fascinating stories of terrors and tales of the supernatural.

It has been rated five stars on TripAdvisor with nine reviews.

The Robin Hood’s Bay Ghost Walk

On this tour, you will be guided through the streets and alleyways while listening to tales of the strange and supernatural about smugglers, sailors and shipwrecks, folklore and legends.

The walk will begin at the slipway in the dock outside the Visitor Centre and it is suitable for most ages, except small infants under the age of three, babies and pushchairs.

It was rated four and a half stars on TripAdvisor with 167 reviews.

Dorian Deathly’s Deathly Dark Ghost Tour of York

In a city thought to be the most haunted in the whole of Europe, this tour explores the grim background of York.

Along with Dorian Deathly, you will walk along the streets and hear some gruesome tales, including the night a ‘madman’ allegedly tried to burn the Minster down and the tragic haunting tale of the Bedern Slums.

The tour has been rated five stars on TripAdvisor with 327 reviews.