Giant planet installation Gaia Earth to go on display at Yorkshire stately home

Gaia Earth
Gaia Earth
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A replica model of Earth that has been on display in the Natural History Museum is coming to Yorkshire.

The art installation Gaia Earth is moving north from its London home to Wentworth Woodhouse, the Grade I-listed stately home near Rotherham.

The installation was previously on display at the National History Museum

The installation was previously on display at the National History Museum

It's the first time work by celebrated artist Luke Jerram has gone on display in Yorkshire.

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Gaia Earth will be located in the house's Marble Saloon, a ballroom which appears in the Downton Abbey film.

The artwork is based on how Earth appears when viewed from space by NASA.

It's an exact, scaled replica of the planet - yet 1.8million times smaller. Each centimetre of the internally-lit sculpture details 18km of the Earth’s surface.

Gaia will be brought to life as it rotates every four minutes - 360 times faster than our real planet - to a spine-tingling composition created by BAFTA award-winning composer Dan Jones.

By standing exactly 211m away from it, the public will be able to see the Earth as it appears from the moon.

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The installation's arrival is part of the Elsecar Great Place project's We Wonder Noir twilight arts festival.

It's free to view Gaia on certain dates from November 3-25.

Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust CEO Sarah McLeod said:-

“We are privileged to have this amazing artwork with us for three weeks and urge people to come and see just how wonderful and precious our planet is.

“The setting seems very fitting. Gaia brings an incredibly powerful message of appreciating what we have and working together to preserve and conserve for the future.”

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The free viewings take place on November 14-17 and 21-24 from 6-8pm.

In addition, paying visitors who book tours of the house will be able to see the installation as they pass through the Marble Saloon.