The EV6 is part of a flurry of electrric vehicles from KiaThe EV6 is part of a flurry of electrric vehicles from Kia
The EV6 is part of a flurry of electrric vehicles from Kia

EV6 shows Kia's massive transformation

WHAT a transformation.Kia was hardly a forcein the electric vehiclemarket a few years agobut now it is one of thebrands which seems torule the roost

It was only in 2018 when it launched its first

EV, the e-Niro. This was a decent enough offering at the time but how times have changed.

Six short years later and we have this model,

the EV6, which has been joined the bigger EV9,

a stunning vehicle for a new age.

The EV3, which will have more appeal for

those on a budget, will soon silently follow.

Soon after e-Niro, Kia began introducing

its first bespoke electric model, with the EV6

launching in 2021 on a specific architecture

that brought some major advancements in the

electric car world.

This is a dashing sporty version of the EV6

called the GT. And while the car is quick (0 to

60mph in 3.5 seconds) it’s the rapid charging

which will be of more practical appeal.

Only 18 minutes is needed to get the battery from 10 to 80 per cent with a fast charger.

Remember when slow charging was an issue?

Well, at this rate it really won’t be long before

we charge faster than we can full up a traditional car with petrol.

A vehicle-to-load function also means that

WHAT a transformation.

Kia was hardly a force

in the electric vehicle

market a few years ago

but now it is one of the

brands which seems to

rule the roost.

the EV6 can provide power to external devices

and even charge up another electric vehicle if


This car is a joy to behold. A powerful front

motor delivers 215bhp while the rear motor

manages 362bhp. The two motors combined

deliver 80 per cent more power than the next

most powerful EV6.

Many people view electric models as safe,

almost dull, models. But there is nothing dull

about the way this car progresses. The 0 to

60mph time is more akin to a sports car than a

family motor.

The price is the elephant in the room. More

than £60,000 for a Kia sounds like a lot of money but very few if any will buy the car outright.

The running costs including leasing are more

important these days.

There’s a lot to like about the way the EV6

drives. Starting with its exceptional refinement, as even at motorway speeds there’s minimal road noise, and the combination of this,

the EV6’s long range and fast charging speeds

make it ideal for long trips. Range anxiety

should be eased.

It is a fairly large crossover, as many EVs

seem to be. Well, that’s the body style which

best suits this mode of power with its heavy

batteries and power plants.

Despite being a large crossover, the EV6

drives and handles keenly.

It has some astonishing technology. Take

the all-new Electronic Limited Slip Differential

(e-LSD) which enhances traction and stability when cornering by automatically moving

torque to the wheels with most grip.

Or the Electronically Controlled Suspension (ECS) which delivers agility and comfort through continuous management of the

semiactive High-Performance Dampers; new

springs are nine per cent softer at the front and

11 per cent stiffer at the rear.

No wonder the EV6 GT was announced as

the winner of World Performance Car of the


The GT is more than just a title. It also incorporates a new ‘GT’ driving mode which, when

activated via a steering wheel-mounted button,

optimises components such as the motors and

suspension to deliver a more dynamic drive.

A Drift Mode enables more sideways action,

should you be so inclined.

Like other Hyundai and Genesis models that

also use the same platform, the Kia EV6 is a

deceptively big car, particularly when it comes

to its width as it will take up most of a typical

car park space. But other than when parking it

doesn’t feel its size.

Even a few years after its launch, the design

is still as striking, especially around the back

where it gets a cool LED light bar that stretches right across the rear of the car. The design

is quite different to anything else on sale, and

isn’t the most obvious ‘SUV’.

The main feeling inside the EV6 is the sheer

level of space. The use of a platform designed

purely for electric cars gives Kia more freedom, with far more floor area in the front and

rear than a typical petrol model. There’s loads

of room in the rear for adults, while the boot

measures a handy 480 litres, though it’s a bit

shallower than those of rivals.

The cabin is also dominated by a huge

curved display that incorporates a touchscreen

and digital dial display, both of which are great

to use.

Another cool touch is a strip of buttons

beneath the touchscreen that have two uses –

varying between climate settings and traditional audio functions at the press of a button.

Even the standard EV6 is well equipped.

Even the entry-level Air trim comes with vegan leather seats, heated front seats, adaptive

cruise control and the impressive curved display.

EV6 proved a ground-breaking electric car

when it launched two years ago and even now

it continues to stand out in an increasingly

competitive market.

A long electric range and extremely quick

charging speeds make it suitable for long-distance runs, while its spacious interior and a

good all-round driving experience add to the

appeal. The Kia EV6 continues to sit right at

the very top of the electric SUV market.

Kia EV6 GT: £62,645; A 577bhp electric motor

generating power via all four wheels; Top speed

162mph and 0 to 60mph in 3.5 seconds; Combined range 262 miles. City range 339 miles;

Seven years warranty, 100,000 miles. Anti-perforation warranty (12 years/unlimited mileag

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