British expat shocked to find Henderson’s Relish in supermarket on Japanese island

A British expat living in Japan was shocked - and delighted - to find a bottle of Henderson’s relish on the shelves of his local supermarket.

The man, who lives in Kagoshima, took to Reddit’s r/Sheffield page to share his surprising find with Yorkshire folk back home.

He said he’d found the bottle of Henderson’s in a Japanese supermarket called Jupiter, which sells a variety of imported products, for around 425 yen - £2.56.

Kagoshima is a seaside city on Japan's Kyushu Island famous for Sakurajima - a very active volcano just across the bay.

An expat was shocked to find Henderson's Relish in Japan [Image: zealuk via Reddit]

The Redditer said he was so surprised to spot the beloved Sheffield condiment in the city he “may have blurted out ‘******* **** it’s Hendo’s’”.

Adding that the find “made me smile,” he explained that a Japanese label had been attached to the neck of the bottle, which suggested serving the relish with fish.

He said the label roughly translates to: “From England for the first time in Japan! Henderson’s Relish - The spicy sauce that makes your fried food taste amazing. The relish sauce that makes your fried fish taste great - give it a try!”

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Kagoshima is a seaside city on Japan's Kyushu Island famous for active volcano Sakurajima [Image: KimonBerlin via Creative Commons]

A number of Yorkshire Reddit users expressed their surprise that Henderson’s was available in Japan, when they still struggled to get hold of a bottle in God’s Own Country.

A user under the name Emmaroyds82 said: “That’s amazing, I struggle to get it and I live in North Yorkshire!”

The original poster responded: “Not sure if they export it to North Yorkshire yet. They’ve done rural Southern Japan so I guess look out for it soon.”

Another user called Antique-Brief1260 said: “Cool! I was excited the one time I saw it in Tate Britain (in the cafe, not as an exhibit)”

An account called Ghozer added that for a long time Henderson’s Relish was only available in Sheffield - although it has since travelled further afield.

“Even now though, there's lots of places in England you can't get it, then you will randomly find it in some small shop somewhere in a random village down south,” they said.

Purplefriiday explained that Henderson’s is not a common product in Kagoshima.

“I had to explain to my husband (from Kagoshima) what Hendos is when we moved to Sheffield!” they said.

Another Reddit user remarked on the suggested use for the relish in Japan.

“Crazy they’re going down the fried seafood route, I love it but never thought of putting it on that,” said Apod16.