Call for apology after James Martin uses Worcestershire sauce instead of Henderson's in recipe

Yorkshire celebrity chef James Martin has upsetsome of his own people after using Worcestershire sauce in a recipe instead of Henderson's while on a shoot near Sheffield.

Viewers from Sheffield spotted the move, a faux pas in the city, in a broadcast of his show, James Martin's Islands To Highlands, which focused on the Peak District.

After a visit to the local chef Tessa Bramley’s well-known restaurant, The Old Vicarage in Ridgeway, he went on to rustle up a beef stew in some beautiful nearby countryside.

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He mentions how close he his to Sheffield and how his grandmother lived in the city – but the celebrity chef who was born and brought up in Yorkshire, used Worcestershire sauce instead of the legendary Sheffield condiment, Henderson’s Relish.

James MartinJames Martin
James Martin

Reader Andrew Burton called for an apology to Sheffield and Yorkshire from Mr Martin.

He told The Star: “He has just presented a show, Islands to Highlands, and visited the fantastic Vicarage in Ridgeway and then boasted how Yorkshire he is with his family history, and then went on to cook a stew and dumplings.

He said Mr Martin then went on to use a well-known brand of Worcestershire sauce “instead of the legendary Henderson’s relish”.

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He added: “I mean how much of an insult to Yorkshire is that?”

Henderson's relishHenderson's relish
Henderson's relish

He said he had tweeted the chef about the matter.

Similar concerns have been raised on social media locally, with some commenting that his grandparents were from Sheffield and he had used Henderson's in the past on his Saturday morning show.

Mr Martin’s representatives were contacted for a comment.